Did you know that a mother’s immunity is passed on to her baby during pregnancy? This essential is what protects a newborn during the first few months of life before he/she is vaccinated. 

In order to get pregnant, you must have a certain amount of body fat. Too little or too much can prevent ovulation. Read more below to know the ideal weight in getting pregnant. 

Many factors affect your fertility, but there are things you can do to turn the odds in your favour. Nutrition, weight and exercise play important roles in your chances of getting pregnant, so avoid harmful substances and guard against infections and disease.

Most people take their fertility for granted, assuming that when contraception is stopped, pregnancy will follow in two or three months. But that is not always the case. Some couples also need to plan the date they want to conceive due to any number of reasons, including job demands. But if you have no known fertility problems, this is how you can time your pregnancy.

More women are choosing to pregnant later in life. If you are over 35, getting pregnant may be more difficult – but not impossible. You and your baby may face increased risks, although a healthy lifestyle and proper prenatal care will minimise unexpected problems.

Making A Bun

You’re married and you think you’re ready to start a family. Before you start planning for a family, you need to prepare yourself and your body to welcome a baby. Click Read More to know what you can do before you plan for your family.