Tips for buying good nursing bras

  • Get fitted properly by a certified bra fitter. Two measurements are taken: bandwidth and bust measurement. The difference between the two is your cup size. The common mistake is increasing the band size, but keeping the same cup size. In fact, most women can wear their original band size, but need a larger cup size. Make sure the cups fit snugly and cover most of the breast, with no breast over-spill or bulging over the top of the cup. The centre seam should lie comfortably against your breastbone.
  • Shop as early as 4-6 weeks pre-delivery, but no earlier. By then, your breasts will be of nursing size. Look for stretchable bras as your breasts may enlarge even more after your milk comes in.
  • If you must buy an underwire nursing bra, make sure it fits comfortably. The pressure from the underwire may cause breast problems, eg, clogged milk ducts.

A good maternity bra should have:

  • ¬†Four hook and eye fastenings for added comfort.
  • Wide non-slip shoulder straps for extra support.
  • Broad side and back for extra support.

  • Deep centre at the front for extra support
  • Drop cup feature.

Source: US Consumer Union. Available at www.consumerreports.org.

Article source: MIMS HealthToday Malaysia