You just welcomed your baby home for the 1st time and now you have to care for your precious little one. It may seem like a formidable task but…you’ll get the hang of it soon. Your baby may seem too delicate and wiggly. But with a little guidance you will survive your first day with him. Here’s some tips to keep your baby clean and comfy.


Your baby’s face may appear red and blotchy, but baby acne is common and harmless. Just wash your baby’s face with a mild baby soap.


A scaly scalp condition called cradle cap is common in newborns. It usually disappears in the first few months. Wash your baby’s hair with a gentle baby shampoo and brush out the scales daily using a baby hairbrush.


One daunting task to tackle is your baby’s nails. Although his nails are soft, it can be scratch his sensitive skin. Clip his nails using a baby nail clipper or blunt-nosed scissors. To make your task easier, clip his nails when he is sleeping or after his bath.


Your baby’s skin is sensitive and too much moisture will cause diaper rash. Change diapers frequently and rinse your baby’s bottom with water during each change and wipe dry. User barrier creams or diaper rash creams to ease diaper rash.


The umbilical cord stump will shrivel and fall off within a few weeks. Keep the area clean and dry and avoid covering the cord area with a diaper